The Festival of Doves

Tomas Breton
The Festival of Doves

Opera in One Act
English version by Thomas Petiet

Spanish zarzuelas are seldom seen north of the United States border, which is a shame, for they than be very entertaining. Although Placido Domingo has performed and promoted them in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America, they haven’t traveled much outside the Spanish-speaking world.

La Verbena de la Paloma is in the 19th century style. Its well-constructed musical score is mated to a new English translation that is charmingly amusing, and the Spanish musical flavor is intoxicating.

In 1981, The Comic Opera Guild premiered its English version of the show. Although utilizing a piano rather than a full orchestra, the recording shows the promise that this one-acter holds. As a brief, refreshing departure from the run-of-the-mill, The Festival of Doves is worth considering. For information, visit

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