Show Tours Are Affordable!

The Comic Opera Guild, a professional or semi-professional theater company, was the brainchild of Thomas Petiet.

Celebrating over 40 years of performing and tours, it brings quality productions with some of the finest singers and actors the region has to offer. We are available year-round to bring in full shows, orchestra and all, to regional venues.

Customized Concerts for Corporate Events

If you are a local arts council, from a college or university, or are from an education or recreation department, Comic Opera Guild may have a show for you. We have smaller shows, concerts, and children’s shows that can be tailored to your needs, and performed in a variety of venues.

For corporate events, we have Broadway theme concerts, opera, or operetta nights. Private parties can also be accommodated.


Would Local Orchestras Want To Bring In Our Tour?

The Comic Opera Guild frequently enjoys the pleasure of appearing as the guest of symphony orchestras. These appearances are available in a remarkable variety of configurations.

The configurations include costumes or no costumes, full set, chorus or principals only, and occasionally incorporating celebrities or local choral ensembles. The format offers remarkable flexibility. The possibilities are truly endless!

Comic Opera Guild

How Can You Bring A Comic Opera Guild Tour To Your Community?

Email us at or fill out the information request form and send it to us. We will get in touch with you to answer any questions that you may have. If you decide to sponsor a tour, we will send you a contract agreement.

For A Tour Estimate Form, Please Click Here

Once an agreement is signed, we will send a team to meet with you at your theatre to discuss the details. Your publicity materials will be sent as soon as possible. On the morning of the performance day, our crew will arrive with the set. In the afternoon of the same day, cast arrives.

After the performance, we will clear the theatre within an hour and a half.

Are All Our Tours Always That Efficient?

They have to be. We have devoted a great deal of planning and energy to ensure that our tours are properly managed.

In asking a sponsor to commit themselves to us, we can do no less than what they expect.

Barber tour 2016


Main Production

A full-scale production includes cast or chorus, orchestra, and scenery. You can book this service from February to April. Depending on an original opening date, other dates will be considered.

The typical cast of 20 to 35 along with 20 orchestras and nine crew or directors arrives.

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  • Show - $3,500.00
  • Orchestra-$2,000.00
  • Meals (lunch and dinner, minimum)- $15.00 per person
  • Overnight accommodations (if required)-to be determined
  • Travel- $ 0.10/mile/person
  • Set Truck- $ 300 +$0.75/mile
  • Programs (Optional)- $ 0.30 each
One-Act Opera

It is a show that is about one hour in duration and may be done as part of a larger concert. Supplied with parts for orchestra, or may be performed piano only. Check for this service for yearly. The typical cast of 3 to 6, along with a crew of two, will arrive when you prefer this option.

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  • Show- $1,500.00 - 2,000.00
  • Orchestra-$1,500-2,000
  • Orchestra-$1,500-2,000
  • Meals (if overnight only)-$8.00 per person/meal
  • Overnight accommodations (if required)-to be determined
  • Travel-$ 0.20/mile/person
  • Programs-(optional) $ 0.10 each.
Concerts or Revues

The Guild can perform concerts and revues with four to six performers, and piano. These services are available continually.

The typical cast and pianist of 5 to 7 and a single crew arrive.

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Guild provides production, publicity materials, and programs if desired.

The sponsor provides performance fees, theater, tickets, and local promotions. The sponsor may also provide the orchestra.

Overnight accommodation is usually necessary for distances over 100 miles from Ann Arbor. Show costs are based on several performances, size of production, and distance from Ann Arbor. Give a glance at the cost formula for one show.

  • It may be performed as a concert version. Sets would not be used. Costumes may or may not be used, as desired.
  • Please ask for a cost quote. In concert form, the orchestra and singers would appear on stage together.
  • Meals or overnight accommodation may be provided by a sponsor or by us.
  • Sponsor may provide crew
  • Multiple performances are available at a discounted fee. The final fee will vary depending on the options chosen.
  • Show $1,000.00 - $1,500
  • Orchestra $1,500-2,000
  • Accompanist-$200.00
  • Meals (if overnight only)-$8.00 per person or meal
  • Overnight accommodations (if required) to be determined
  • Travel-$ 0.20/mile/person
  • Programs (optional)-$ 0.10 each

For the main show, it is essential to have a theater with the flying capability and theatrical lighting system. The stage should be a minimum of 25' W x 25' D. Dressing and makeup rooms for a cast. Pit required for orchestra. If performed in concert version without scenery: concert hall with concert lighting, no flying capability.

Technical staff will require access to the stage for a full day of performance if the scenery is used. The show can be adapted to include staging and scenery with an orchestra behind if desired. The large stage is required.

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One-act opera may be performed in a theater or concert hall. If performed in an activity room or other space, the performing area should be at least 20’ W x 15’ D. Set materials consist of furniture pieces. Additional set materials may be added if desired.

A piano and room of sufficient size are required for a concert. It should allow movement of five to six singers, minimum.

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